Berit & Marie’s Favourite London Places

Link to Berit & Maire's Favourite London PlacesMy Favourite This time around we thought we would look to some ‘foreign invaders’ for thier take on London. Both Berit and Marie moved to London from Norway for university and have stayed ever since, not wanting to leave. they have both been in London for approaching 6 years and have enjoyed every minnute. Here is thier take on London’s best spots.

Stephanie’s Favourite London Places

Link to Stephanie's Favourite London PlacesMy Favourite    Here is part three of our “My Favourite London places” series. This month we are in East London with Stephanie. Stephanie is 29 and works as a legal secretary. She lives in Bethnal Green, East London with her boyfriend James and their cat Dave. She loves eating out, keeping fit and having grown up in Kent before moving to London for Uni, says she feels truly at home in the East end.

Rob’s Favorite London Places

Link to Rob's Favorite London PlacesMy Favourite    Hello. My name is Rob and I work behind the scenes at I have lived across London for seven years now and have gotten a pretty good feel for this amazing city. One of the features we will be running over the coming months will be called ‘My Favourite London Places’ where we ask Londoners about their favourite bars, restaurants, venues, hidden gems etc.