Springtime is here :D

Read Our Springtime ArticleRejoice! Spring is here and summer is just around the corner. After an unfairly long winter, the UK has finally started to brighten up, this week saw temperatures soar to 21 degrees in some parts. Soput away your coats and wool hats and break the shades and flip flops out. Hre are some great suggestions we have compiled over the last six months of articles for springtime activities.

Happy Easter from all here at UKplaces.


Happy Easter!! :) Photo by Vera Kratochvil

We are looking forward to a few days off and we’re sure you are too. The Sun even made an appearance this morning, long may that continue. Whatever you have planned over the next four days, perhaps you will find some extra inspiration accross some of our blog articles. You can filter articles by tags like Family, Outdoors and Culture, as well as searching by category like ‘Top Tens‘ and ‘Favourites‘ so we hope you will find some reccomendations you like.


Berit & Marie’s Favourite London Places

Link to Berit & Maire's Favourite London PlacesMy Favourite This time around we thought we would look to some ‘foreign invaders’ for thier take on London. Both Berit and Marie moved to London from Norway for university and have stayed ever since, not wanting to leave. they have both been in London for approaching 6 years and have enjoyed every minnute. Here is thier take on London’s best spots.

Top Ten UK Places – Wildlife & Nature

Link to the full article about Wildlife & NatureTop Ten  – We haven’t done a Top Ten in a while so were going to do a longer article which encompasses a number of different types of days out. Our theme is Wildlife and nature so here are some of the UK’s best Zoos, Aquariums, Nature Reserves, Conservation Projects and more. Enought Nature & Wildlife to keep you going all year