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This week we have noticed a pretty big rise in Hairdressers both Men’s and Women’s as well as Barbers and Beauty Salons. All these related business types have been ranking highly recently. So here is some more information about the Hairdressing industry, related associations and other stuff you may find interesting.

Hairdresser's Salon

You can use UKplaces to find the location and contact information for every hairdresser in the UK. You will also find all Barbers, Hair Salons, Hair Stylists, Beauty Salons and more. Use the links above and once on the main site you can navigate around all related businesses quickly and easily. Use the ‘related businesses’ category bar at the top of the screen to view other related business types, and the ‘nearby businesses’ window on the right hand side of the page to see all other similar businesses in the area.

Here are some more links and information about the hairdressing industry you may find useful:

National Hairdressers Federation

  • Their mantra is to raise professionalism and commitment to the hairdressing industry. The offer advice on business development, legal issues, insurance and more. All of that may be of more concern to salon owners but for everyone else there is ‘Britain’s Best‘ a drive to find and award the best stylists, barbers, salon owners and industry workers in the UK. The competition is driven by public votes so keep an eye out for the results later this year.

Hairdressing Council

  • In 2011 there was a drive to make it mandatory for all UK hairdressers to register to a national association. This was rejected by parliament but that did not stop the Hairdressing Council from becoming well established in the industry. It is the only official State register for UK Hairdressers and drives to eliminate ‘cowboys’ who practice hairdressing without qualification or experience.

British Barbers Association

  • The British Barbers Association is akin to The National Hairdressers Federation in that their overall goals and operation style are similar. The BBA though, are completely focused on the Make side of the Hairdressing industry, and like the NHF strive to encourage and ensure high standards of practice across all UK Barbers.

Hairdresser’s Journal

  • The British Hairdressing Awards are sponsored and run by HJI and here you can find all the info on the nominees and winners.

Here are some of the best industry related publications for your perousal;

Love Your Hair – Dedicated hair magazine with website packed full of features, competitions, give-aways and more.

Proffessionalhardresser.co.uk – This one is more for the pro with lots of info about training, jobs, industry news and more

Creative Head Mag – Another for those involved in the industry

In Style – Fashion, style, hair and beauty together in one of the UK’s best established publications which also has an excellent website

GQ (for the Fellas) – Probably the best of the Men’s Magazines, in which you will not find endless topless women and crude jokes. Think style blogging, male grooming tips and high-end fashion.