Nick’s Favourite London Places


Nick is in his 30s, working in the bustling financial district of Central London and lives in South West London. Having lived across the city from a young age he settled down there after serving in the British army for 12 years. He is a keen foodie, a big history buff and has a passion for all things London.


Pub / Bar – Balham Bowls Club SW12

Much more than just pub, sample some variety at the 'BBC'

Much more than just a pub, sample the variety at the BBC.
Photo © Ben Terrett (CC BY-SNC-ND 2.0)

It has to be the ‘BBC’ in Balham. It’s a former gentleman’s club and all the original fixtures and fittings remain. It’s got a great atmosphere, bags of character and nicely kept ale, perfect.  They do a wide range of events here from Church Groups and Reading Clubs to Chess Tournaments, Craft Fairs and Food Festivals. It’s a really interesting and diverse place and there is always something happening.


Restaurant – Lamberts SW12

Lamberts - Long established quality in SW London

Long established quility in SW London – Lamberts.
Photo © spaghetti.princess (CC BY-NC-ND 2.0)

Lamberts has been doing high quality food for years in Balham now. What I like is that it is high-end dining but at affordable prices, they just had a really nice refurbishment too.


Cafe – Trinity Stores SW15

Trinity Stores - Homemade, organic fare at its best

Homemade organic fare at its best.
Photo © rhea o’connor (CC BY-NC 2.0)

 I know I’m going Balham again, but it is where I like to eat and drink. There are so many bars, restaurants and cafes there. Trinity Stores is relaxed, friendly and atmospheric. They do great coffee, and brilliant homemade vegetarian food.


Venue – O2 Academy Brixton SW2

Brixton Avademy. Reguarly voted London's best venue. A must-play for artists and a must-visit for revellers

Reguarly voted London’s best venue. A must-play for artists and a must-visit for revellers.
Photo © wheelzwheeler (CC BY-NC-SA 2.0)

 A great historic South London venue Brixton Academy, I’ve seen Orbital and The Vaccines here both of whom were great. The Pogues do a New Year show here every year and it has to be the maddest party anywhere in London year after year – got to be the best ticket going.


Something for a rainy day – Tate Gallery SE1

Ai Wei-Wei's famous Porcelain Sunflower Seeds in the Turbine Hall

Ai Wei-Wei’s famous Porcelain Sunflower Seeds in the Turbine Hall.
Photo © Robert A. Coles (CC BY-NC 2.0)

 So something indoors…. Ah!  The Tate Modern is great, always changing their exhibitions and showing some incredibly interesting stuff. So much of it changes what you imagine ‘art’ to be. Just recently they had the Damien Hirst retrospective with the formaldehyde sharks and all. The Tate Britain is good too, they show only British art from across the centuries.


Something for a Sunny Day – Blackheath for Lunch , Walking in Greenwich Park

Views across the city from Greenwich Park

Views across the city from Greenwich Park.
Photo © Peter J Dean (CC BY-NC-ND 2.0)

I often catch the train to Blackheath for lunch and then stroll over to Greenwich via Greenwich Park where you the Royal Observatory and observe a fantastic view across the city.


Cultural – British Museum WC1B

The British Museum's famous Great Hall

The British Museum’s Great Hall.
Photo © 4 Colour Progress (CC BY-NC 2.0)

The one and only British Museum, I have been many times and still find new and interesting things each time I go. By all means check out the Rosetta Stone and Elgin Marbles but make sure to visit the quieter more obscure galleries for countless hidden gems, they also have interactive things to do, last time I was there I held a flint hand axe that was 300,000 years old dating back to the dawn of Man in the British Isles!! Pretty cool. Also as a Military man I have to mention the Imperial War Museum.


Active – Walking Tours of the East End

A great way to explore the East End and unravel it's sometimes gruesome, but always enthralling history

A great way to explore the East End and unravel it’s sometimes gruesome, but always enthralling history.
Photo © Bsivad

I really enjoy walking around the old established streets of London, looking at the different styles of houses, some old and beautiful, others are starkly modern. I rekon those walking tours are really great. They give a really great story of the city which people miss out on because they are always looking down at the street of their mobile phones. Look up and around yourself more and you will notice the beauty of parts of the city. The Jack The Ripper Tour is really great way to see London’s East end as well.