UK ‘Love Parks’ and ‘National Parks’ Weeks

Love Parks Week

National Parks 1

Forest Adventures at Love Parks Week kids events. Photo © szczel

Organised by charity GreenSpace, ‘Love Parks’ is focused on local, community parks and gardens and wants us to take greater pride in our green spaces. They believe that these green spaces are central to healthy, happy and strong communities. Apart from encouraging us to consider our community, ‘Love Parks’ are also keen on encouraging investment in green areas during a time when funding is being dramatically reduced.

You can find your local Parks and Gardens at

LoveParksA quick check shows us that at time of writing there are close to 500 events across the UK to promote the love of parks this week and weekend. These range from Sports Days and Fun Runs to Tea Parties and Music. Loads of these events have Kids at their heart, with craft fairs, teddy bear’s picnics, animal shows and more. You can find out about events and more in your area at their website

National Parks Week


The beautiful Lake District is one of 15 National Parks accross the UK

Also running this week and into the weekend in ‘National Parks Week’ which rather
than focusing on community areas and green spaces is a celebration of our National Parks such as The Lake District, The New Forest and Snowdonia. Did
you know that there are 15 in England, Scotland and Wales? All 15 have events scheduled every day of this week. The range of activities is huge and caters for everyone form families and ramblers to climbers, photographers, campers and mountain bikers, the diversity really is amazing. Here you can find info on all events across all 15 plus loads more.

All National Parks and the attractions within are listed in our directory. You can also find Hotels, restaurants and other attractions should you be planning a visit.

National ParksThis year’s ‘National Parks Week’ will be a celebration of all the wonderful activities in which you can take part in Britain’s breathing spaces. And the mission is to encourage you to make these spaces ‘Actively Yours’. So that’s two weeklong events which celebrate the nation’s outdoor spaces, with a wealth of diverse events and entertainment. But of course Parks and Green Spaces are there to be enjoyed all year round and hopefully these celebrations will inspire you to visit throughout the year.