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All listings on UKPlaces are completely free of charge and we are pretty close to having every business and place of interest in the UK included. We add hundreds of new businesses and make thousands of updates every day. But some do slip through the net – here is how you can update a listing or get listed for free.

  • INCORRECT INFORMATION – If you have noticed a mistake in one of our listings we can get it corrected for you very quickly. Please drop us an email to and detail which listing contains an error and the correction which needs to be made. Please be as specific as you can and where possible include a link to the listing in question. (please give your full name and position within the business in question – this is for the purpose of validation)


  • ADDITIONAL INFORMATION – If you have found your business on the site and would like to add more information, such as a website link or your opening hours, that is easily done as well. Again please send us your info to Make sure you highlight exactly which listing you would like to update. (please give your full name and position within the business in question – this is for the purpose of validation)


  • NEW FREE LISTING – If you cannot find your business on the site we would be happy to list you. Please send the following details for your business to;

   1.   Business Name       

   2.   Business Type  (we may not be able to exactly match your chosen type – we will strive to provide the closest possible option)     

   3.   Full Address 

   4.   Telephone  #           

   5.   Fax  # *  

   6.   Website URL           

   7.   Email Address      

   8.   Opening Hours *  

   9.   Social Media Links * (Twitter name, Facebook profile, Google+ account – please provide full URLs)

   10. Your full name and position within company (for purpose of validation)

         * Where Applicable

           We aim to handle and resolve each enquiry within two working days


  • BLOG FEEDBACK – We are always keen to hear from our readers. Please don’t hesitate to get in contact, whether you like or dislike our suggestions, we are keen to hear. Even better if you have suggestions of your own we would love to hear them. You can always leave a comment alongside an article by clicking the speech bubble beside each post. (Please note you will be asked for a name and e-mail address – this is for security measures and to avoid spamming only. Your details will not be shared in any way and you will not recieve any unsolicited mail.)


  • If you have any other type of enquiry please contact us at and we will address your email as soon as possible. Many Thanks.