Christmas Jobs

Christmas is a period when retailers enjoy their busiest time of the year and then some.
More shoppers, more merchandise, longer opening hours and higher demand mean
that many of the UK’s biggest retailers have to take on a great deal of
‘seasonal staff’. Some estimates put the number of temporary positions
available in the UK over the Christmas period at 100’000.

Earning some extra chash across the Christmas period can really help with filling those stockings or laying on a lavish Christmas dinner.

These seasonal positions can be a godsend for individuals or families who need a bit extra cash at Christmas and for any jobseekers looking to get experience and some working hours under their belt. That extra cash can make the difference at Christmas.

If you or anyone you know could benefit from this type of seasonal work, now is the time to apply as major retailers begin the yearly recruitment drive. Below you can find a brief list of bigger companies who are employing staff across the country:

John Lewis       Asda       Sainsbury     

Argos      Boots      Royal Mail

Another great place to look is via Total Jobs or ‘indeed’ both of whom are acting as seasonal recruiters for various companies. You might also benefit from contacting local
recruitment companies in your area who may have local jobs.

Good luck if you are looking for work and if not, sorry for bringing us Christmas in mid October! Not another mention until December, we promise :)