Most Haunted in the UK

cute-halloween-lightTop Ten    Its Halloween tomorrow and whilst children ‘trick-or-treat’ and party goers get dressed up across the UK there are a few places in particular where the ghostly apparitions may be more than they seem. These 10 spooky locations are among the most haunted places in the UK.

Cycling Safety at Night

cycle lightsSeasonal    Cycling to and from work is more popular than ever as millions take to two wheels for their commute. However now that autumn is firmly upon us, more often than not we find ourselves riding at dusk and in darkness. It is always important to be safe when riding a bike but even more so at night.

Christmas Jobs

Seasonal    Christmas is a time when many UK retailers empoly thousands of temporary staff to cover thier businest period of the year. A great opportunity to earn that extra money to get you through an expensive time of year. Find out who is employing and who to apply for jobs.

Tour of Britain, Stages 1 – 4

TourofBrit13YrSeasonal  This Sunday sees the start of the Tour of Britain 2013, the UKs premier Cycling event. 8 days racing across Scotland, Wales and England culminating in a street race around central London on Sunday 22nd. As well as being great sporting spectacles, cycling tours such as the Tour of Britain or Tour De France are great advertisements for the places they pass through.


Top Ten Roman Sites in the UK

BathTop Ten   On this week in 55BC Julius Caesar landed in the British Isles for the first time. With 10,000 men at his back he was determined to leave his sandal imprinted on all corners of this land. He was not the last to try, Roman Britain was taking shape. But when they departed around 350 years later what did they leave behind and of that, what remains to this day? Turns out it’s rather a lot, Read about the best of what the Roman left behind