Berit & Marie’s Favourite London Places

This time around we thought we would look to some ‘foreign invaders’ for thier take on London. Both Berit and Marie moved to London from Norway for university and have stayed ever since, not wanting to leave. they have both been in London for approaching 6 years and have enjoyed every minnute. Here is thier take on London’s best spots. 


Bar – Ceviche, Soho W1

Ceviche Barman in Action

Ceviche Bartenders making Cocktails. We hear the Pisco Sour is very good
Photo © Paul Winch Furness

“A really trendy Peruvian Bar come Restaurant serving delicious Peruvian dishes. Amazing Pisco drink like the highly addictive Pisco Sour keep us coming back. The bartenders are exceptionally good looking which doesn’t hurt!”


Cafe (Berit) – Scandanavian Kitchen, Westminster W1

Nordic Canapes from The Scandinavian Kitchen

Nordic Canapes from The Scandinavian Kitchen
Photo © CC BY-NC 2.0

“Scandi is a little taste of home. They also have a good selection of Scandinavian foods in thier Mini-Market where we top-up on things we miss from home

Cafe (Marie) – Breakfast Club – Hoxton N1

Nursing East London's hangovers for years

Nursing East London’s hangovers for years
Photo ©Y Miyazawa CC BY-NC-SA 2.0

    “The Breakfast Club does amazing all-day American & English breakfasts, massive portions and the perfect palce to nurse a hangover.”


Eating – Brixton Village SW9

Brixton Village Food Market - Street food from around the World

Brixton Village Food Market – Street food from around the World .
Photo ©Nic0 CC BY-NC-SA 2.0

“The best food you can get your hands on in South-West London by far. They completely revamped the market and now you can get amazing cuisine from accross the world and its great value. Apparently someone already said this in an earlier interview but its worth mentioning again!”


Venue – Hootananny, Brixton SW2

 - Come ready for a party

Hootananny – Raucous South London music venue
Photo © hootananny

“Hootananny.  Enough Said!”

     *The Editor, a former resident of Brixton, can vouch for this reccomendation. Its a brilliant place to see live music if you dont mind roughing it a bit, and often wins awards as the best live music venue in London


Rainy Day – Natural History Museum, Kensington SW7

Great for little kids and big kids alike

Great for little kids and big kids alike
Photo © F G Redondo CC BY 2.0)

 (Marie) “The Natural History Museum is my favourite museum in London. Makes me feel like a kid again every time i go.”


Cultural – Old Vic Theatre, Waterloo SE1

London boasts some of the best theatre in the World

London boasts some of the best theatre in the World
Photo © slimjim CC BY-NC-ND 2.0

“Theatre in London is great but we like to explore further than the West End Theatre district. The Old Vic is great, we recently saw a play called ‘Hedda Gabler’ by Norwegian playwright Henrik Ibsen there. im not sure if it is still on but they always have first rate productions there.” (Ed – The Old Vic is currently running the acclaimed show ‘Kiss Me Kate.’ You can check theatre listings at


Active – Great Danes Handball, East london

Try a new sport this year

Try a new sport this year and who knows… Rio 2016!?
Photo © sh photography CC BY-NC-ND 2.0

“Handball is pretty big in Norway, we managed to get tickets to se some at the Olympics and it was awesome so we decided to try it out. Great Danes is really inclusive for every level and its been a great way to meet loads of lovely people.”


Let us know what you think of Berit & Marie’s suggestions in the comments on the front page. If you have any of your own we would love to hear them too. We will be putting together a list of the best reader suggestions soon…